Food+Design på Fødevarefstivalen iprimi d’ITALIA

Food+Desig på iprimi d’ITALIA

FOOD+DESIGN, Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, Denmark to participate in I Primi d’Italia with an exhibition on pasta design.

The exhibition is called PASTA+DESIGN and will be at I PRIMI A PALAZZO in the grandiose Palazzo Candiotti 1.-2. October

PASTA+DESIGN in Palazzo Candiotti
Pasta is a shapeable material and as such has potential for being designed. Pasta is shape, surface, texture and structure, it is container and it forms the base for hundreds of classic Italian dishes. This might be common knowledge for Italians but for Danes pasta is not considered as a morphologically material. FOOD+DESIGN chose pasta as material in our research work because the mixture of flour and water or eggs is basis substance in meals already but most of all because the ability to be shaped is outstanding.

The exhibition displays the steps in a very comprehensive process of designing pasta forms using new and groundbreaking design methods. The exhibition is based on an interdisciplinary Summer School with Danish & Italian design students from Aalborg University, Politecnico di Torino and Politecnico di Milano. The Summer School project was part of a regional project on innovation in food and new use of old forgotten raw materials.

The process contained steps as knowledge on background, sketching and making models for new pasta design. The participants were introduced to working with food and design and tools and methods. FOOD+DESIGN provided the basis knowledge on the history of pasta, production process and the use of historical local grain varieties. Physical form finding was the next important step in the process together with engineers and chef’s advice on the sensory part and coherence between shape, texture and size.

Results were more than 800 different shapes of pasta – developed during only three compact days.

The pasta designs are all possible to mass produce and several of the shapes and forms are of revolutionary quality – even for Italians.

FOOD+DESIGN, Center for Food Science, Design & Experience, Aalborg University, DenmarkFOOD+DESIGN works with concrete tasks and food related problems using design methodology. We are daily researching and working in Center for Food Science, Design & Experience at department of Civil Engineering at Aalborg University. FOOD+DESIGN uses problem based research and is focusing on interdisciplinary potentials.

FOOD+DESIGN combine designers and architects knowledge and research in shaping, colours, psychology and food sociology with food production, kitchen process and praxis. A meal is so much more than nutrition. Exciting and challenging developments are on the way, a way opened by innovative chefs like Ferran Adria, Heston Blumenthal and Massimo Bottura. The tendency in the industry of agriculture, fishery and gardening is changing towards being big, efficient and highly specialised units that base the development on use of the newest knowledge and technology. And at the same time the consumer thereby becomes more and more demanding towards quality and especially experience. This makes increasing demands on the knowledge institutions, advisors and suppliers that work with research, education and knowledge dissemination in a profession that is economically under pressure in a global supply chain. FOOD+DESIGN are aiming on this challenge.

In the food industry the need for innovation has probably never been bigger. Companies and the retailing launch a row of new services, products and distribution types that have to fulfil the client’s request for low price, convenience, health, sustainability and experience. Here the designer can have new solutions!

FOOD+DESIGN work holistically and towards future changes.
FOOD+DESIGN is part of a regional food project in Northern Jutland focussing on innovation in the food industry and branding of Northern Jutland as a region famous for high quality food and local production. FOOD+DESIGN are partner in The Food Culture, initiated by The Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. FOOD+DESIGN are member of Slow Food and president of the Aalborg Convivium.


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