Why work with Food + Design?
Because we as designers and architects have some fantastic tools and unique knowledge in correlation with developing new fields that the food and the meal have for the last years been moving into.Ingredients, the Food, the Meal, there is exciting and challenging development on the way. The tendency in the industry of agriculture, fishery and gardening is changing towards being big, efficient and highly specialised units that base the development on use of the newest knowledge and technology. And at the same time the consumer thereby becomes more and more demanding towards quality and especially experience. This makes increasing demands on the knowledge institutions, advisors and suppliers that work with research, education and knowedge dissemination in a profession that is economically under pressure in a global supply chain.

In the food industry the need for innovation has probably never been bigger. Companies and the retailing launch a row of new services, products and distribution types that have to fulfill the client’s request for low price, convenience, health, sustainability and experience. It is now the designer has to be in play!

Because we as designers and architects are trained to keep many balls in the air, to coordinate complex tasks, but first and foremost to work holistically and towards future changes. In Denmark we therefore have to create tradition so designers and architects dare to influence innovation and development regarding the food field.

At the Center for Food Science, Design & Experience we work daily with more of those problems, but still we want further! For that we need you!The Summer school Food+Design provides a workshop where you as design, architecture- and engineering student are able to achieve and try out knowledge and experience related to the many fields that are connected to food design processes.

We are going to work with concrete tasks and food related problems that we are daily researching and working on in Center for Food Science, Design & Experience. Tasks that are all linked to certain user groups and selected companies with a specific need for innovative and ground-breaking design proposals.

During the course you will, besides the above mentioned design professional competencies minded towards food design, get insight in the food profession’s techniques and practice, and the tasks will give you tools to be able to connect and coordinate an interdisciplinary design understanding with an innovative and research related production practice in food related companies.

Anna Marie Fisker

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