Project description
The summer school starts at 15:00 the 15th of August 2010 and ends at 21:30 the 23rd of August 2010. It will be running every day of the week from 8:15 to 21:30.

The purpose is to design pasta that is fitting a new fish “to go” product for the EU project “Nordjyske Fisk med Oplevelse“ and to design a packaging for the fish “to go” product.

The summer school features lectures, group work and fieldwork. There will be excursion to two of our cooperation partners, Danish firms that produce packaging for the food industry and retailing.

Row of professional Architects and Designers from practice will participate in the Summer School with lectures, supervision and evaluation.

There are two different themes at the Summer School, pasta and packaging design.

The first part of the Summer School is about sketching and making models for new pasta design. As a starting point there is made use of the newest technologies for sketching and modelling. Regarding the sensory part and coherence between shape, texture and size there will be inputs from a pasta chef and there will as well be presentation about the historical pasta types. There will be worked with design of one Nordic pasta type / Northern Jutland pasta type.

The second part is about working with new ideas for packaging for one chosen pasta prototype in combination with two chosen fish “to-go” products. This is done in collaboration with two professional cooks, two Danish packaging firms, a group of fish producers and some of the big tourist destinations in Northern Jutland, where the food and the new packaging types are to be tested. You are going to follow the development of the new fish “to-go” product and should together with the two packaging firms design and rethink the packaging of the fish “to-go”. One of the final products will be awarded at the Blip Festival at Platform 4 in Aalborg 17th-18th of September.

At the end of the Summer School there will be an exhibition at Utzon Center showing the products designed at the Summer School. Each group has to hand in a model of both the pasta and the packaging, together with a number of sheets containing an essay and description of the final products.

The summer school consists of a row of interdisciplinary lectures and supervision that all promote food+design, including design methods, strategic design, meal psychology, sustainability, food science, meal history and much more. The lecturers and supervisors are listed on the next pages in alphabetical order.

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