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About us
Center for Food Science, Design & Experience addresses the issues of gastronomical optimization, design of packaging and food, food related events and development of new concepts for the food sector – from a research orientated platform at University of Aalborg. We possess competences in design- and gastronomical history, sensory science, design of rooms for dining, architecture and architectural history and furthermore we seek to connect the fields of food and experience through new methods of innovation.
The Center for Food Science, Design & Experience is situated at Institute 7, Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology at University of Aalborg.  
Center for Food Science, Design & Experience stands as the originator of the Innovation Consortium Food College Denmark, which has been developing and completing a series of food related projects during the last 5 years. Projects, which have served to gather craftsmen, technicians and academics in new constellations and contexts. Food College Denmark has many years of experience in the starting-up, running, evaluation and further development and refinement of food related projects in the fields of taste, design and experience. 
Center for Food Science, Design & Experience has developed a method of generating ideas and concepts, FoodMatch, which has been successfully tested at a number of start-up meetings in food related projects and food networks. The center furthermore possesses professional experience in evaluating the level of gastronomical quality, based on knowledge about aesthetics and design, Danish and international food culture, the technical aspects of the chef’s field of work, sensory science and the sociology of food.   
Center for Food Science, Design & Experience manage several existing food related projects, which treat the importance of the room to the experience of a meal and gastronomical optimization of hospital meals. Additionally the center serves as facilitator for the cluster, Taste, Design & Experience (Smag, Design og Oplevelse), which is part of the North Jutland foodventure, EatNorth (SpisNord). This includes the handling of matchmaking between food businesses and manufacturers, research institutions, chefs schools and professional chefs with a view to create innovative food related projects. 

Anna Marie Fisker